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Corporate Holistic Therapy


Stress is a common factor of modern life and is something that everyone experiences. Many medical conditions are stress-related and result in a high percentage of absenteeism in the workplace, which in turn costs employers a considerable amount of money.


More importance is now being placed on being able to handle stress in order to improve health. The introduction of holistic therapies into the workplace is an ideal way of managing stress levels effectively, creating a happier workforce and increasing productivity.


Reflexology and Indian Head Massage treatments can both be peformed in the workplace and the timings can be adapted to suit.  A private area is assigned for the treatments, which are performed on portable treatment couches.


During the treatments fresh towels are used to ensure the clients modesty. Indian Head Massage can be performed either with or without oils and over or without upper clothing, it can be adapted to suit the client.



     Would you like to: 


  • Increase productivity...


  • Reduce absenteeism in the workplace, due to stress-related illnesses...


  • Boost staff morale...


  • Create a happier working environment...



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